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dr jones was exploring the galaxy for m class planets that may be able to sustain life

wth his assistant mary dr jones used a powerful but unstable high intesity elctromagnetic probe to scan for planets….. dr jones soon locked on to a solor system with the planet simply known asmx14

many days passed with thehi-e probe focased on mx14 when one fateful night the instrument readings went off the charts…an explosion ..breaking glass..smoke and fire..screams for help…….and an eriy glow fill the lab…..a monstrous figure stepped foward ….dr jones noticed the hi-e was still on..he lunged towards the machine shutting it off…..another explosion the smell of ozone the dr blackedout…..when he awoke the monster had dissappeared and so was his love mary….he paniced..he called his friend ted at NSS..for help….

they deducece that hi-e probe must have interacted with the unknown properties of mx14 opening a
portal between here and there and if they can reproduce those condition they may get mary back

they did …and now its your job to lead the team that will rescue mary

Main Page

mx14 gomper